Control by the power of thought !
We are developing a unique software for neurocontrol
Activity of the company
NeuronMech develops software based on artificial intelligence for neurocontrol.

Universal software created using neural networks allows controlling any mechatronic system with the help of a human brain.

Neurocontrol developments are used in the control of robots, in the VR industry and in computer games industry, in medicine and in IoT.

How do we read thoughts?
Recognition of brain signals with the help of a neuroninterface
Our developments are unique
The uniqueness of the products is confirmed by the Certificates of State Registration of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property
In which areas is technology used?
Neurocontrol of artificial limbs
Full control of the mechatronic device using a neural interface
Neurocontrol of robots-androids
Direct control of the robot by the power of thought. Robot can help in everything from cleaning up to space exploration
Neurocontrol of Internet objects of things
Control a smart home or portable devices - free yourself from some of the household functions
Game industry
Discover many new features for VR and PC games
Our team
A professional multidisciplinary team that unites specialists and experts from various fields: medicine, information technology, industrial design, communication, etc.
How to contact us
We invite you to cooperation! Contact us:
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